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MACK Training combines strength, mobility, and performance training with the focus on improving movement. Each personalized program is designed for the individual to address muscular and postural imbalances. We take a systematic approach to personal and group training in a private setting.

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I started training because I wanted to be in better shape to keep up with my kids. As a single parent of two kids, my schedule is often unpredictable and chaotic. Mark takes care of everything once I’m at the gym.

The style of MACK Training is methodical and consistent for results. Mark plans my program to make sure we work out all major muscle groups to get the results I am looking for. I continue to trained because I like the results I get when I work out, not only physically but emotionally as well. I can certainly keep up with my kids now. I am also a lot stronger than I used to be. I’ve lost weight and have gained more confidence.

Karen Onishi

I am a senior citizen with an athletic background and I started training to help achieve weight control, flexibility, and a little extra strength to help with my daily activities. My experience training has been very positive. I have more energy and a greater sense of mental health.

What separates Mark from many others is his ability to tailor workouts for the individual. He is also very meticulous about performing exercises correctly and continuously observes and critiques to insure maximum benefit and to avoid injury. He has the ability to motivate me to do my best and at the same time understands my physical limitations due to age and medical conditions.

Gary Bengtson

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